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5 reasons why Source is changing the game in the Media Business?

Gael Angoula

Gael Angoula

Marketing Manager

Code Worldwide creates for PHD a Media Planning and Operations system which melds data with game-theory and social software: Source. Here five killer features that you need to know about Source.

  1. Sources creates gamified collaboration

Source is built as a global multi-player game, one you win by essentially doing your job right.  Each action you take in earns you ‘Pings’.  You can track your performance versus your local and global colleagues on leaderboards.  

 2. Sources creates Data Driven Optimisation

Source introduces scientific rigor into idea generation, using data to inspire and identify opportunity, rewarding collaboration and creating a single methodology which works globally and locally.

3. Sources contains a “playful” rich HTML5 interface

Source is not presented as a static table.  Source allows you to play with the data:  rich html5 interfaces encourage users to scenario plan and test different ideas.

4. Source is changing the culture of a network

The interface is so rich, you can’t help but play an experiment and test out new ideas of how to optimise client’s media spend through a global leader board within worldwide agencies network. It creates collaboration without borders.

5. Sources is delivering world class strategy for any client in every market

Source allows PHD to try different scenarios, try different strategies for any client in every market.    

Is there a better way to get the job done right?