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5 ways to save money with adZU

Gael Angoula

Gael Angoula

Marketing Manager

1. Client A uses adZU to automate production of 1500 print ads per month. Previously, the client’s agency charged £100 per ad customization fee, around £150 000 per month. adZU has reduced this cost by more than 90%.

2. adZU allows Client B to switch marketing investment from print to digital. Previously, they would invest around £1000 in media costs for full-page press ad, generating 1 or 2 responses (around £500 per response). Now £1000 invested in geo-targeted display generates around 70 enquiries (£14 per enquiry = 97% improvement in efficiency)


3. Client C uses adZU to automate its media buying and invoicing. This is how he could reduced the workload of his team by 6.

4. Client D uses adZU’s print buying functionality to run orders for print, creating an average 22% reduction in cost.

5. Client E uses adZU to move from a local marketing process when an agency would create bespoke press campaigns for each office, to a self- service model which allow offices to build their own digital campaigns. Agency fees have been reduced by more than 40 % in return on marketing investment!

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