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Castrol and the Connected Cars

Gael Angoula

Gael Angoula

Marketing Manager

Using Internet of Things technology to create new relevancy for Castrol

When it comes to automotive lubricants, Castrol is a world-famous brand – it’s the best-engineered product in its category. But even this fact doesn’t change the reality that, for most people, engine oil is about the lowest interest purchase you can make.

Our challenge was to persuade car drivers not just to think about engine oil but to also care about which brand they used. We needed to make Castrol relevant – not just in the workshop, but also to the daily driving lives of customers. We wanted to turn Castrol into a partner that could help with all aspects of the driving experience.

Our approach was to combine mobile and Internet of Things technologies to position Castrol as being key to the ‘connected car’ experience, placing the brand at the heart of the relationship between driver, car and workshop. We developed a free app that would track a customer’s driving, recommend cost saving tips, provide locally relevant offers – and when the engine light came on or it was time for regular maintenance, would help find and book the right service.

We connected our award-winning marketing automation platform, adZU, to Zubie, an in-car telemetry plugin that works with all US cars – which means that real-time driving data can be streamed up to the cloud. Workshops could register for the program and fit Zubie devices for free for customers purchasing Castrol.

Now when that customer’s car has an engine warning, or needs regular maintenance, adZU automatically identifies what’s happening, notifies the workshop and contacts the customer with a personalized offer for service or maintenance.

Castrol customers benefit from a high-value, enhanced driving experience – and from the peace of mind that the brand is there when they need it. 

Workshops benefit from the ability to significantly add value for their customers, and gain repeat business. And Castrol benefits from hugely increased awareness, trust and saliency, increased sales and a massive volume of driving behavior data – allowing the brand to build new products and services for its customers.

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