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Gael Angoula

Gael Angoula

Marketing Manager

What Uber did for cabs, Code helped Mercedes-Benz do for car retailing.

Until recently, automotive retailing seemed to be relatively immune to digital transformation.  Cars are sold in the real world, from physical dealerships to buyers who are local.  Digital was something that happened in the cloud, above geography.  Automotive retailing is a local activity.

Just as Uber saw the opportunity to build a new service for people who need a cab by connecting digital world research with real world purchase (and thereby disrupted a whole industry), Code has been helping Mercedes-Benz retailers transform their local marketing to be digital, automated, always-on and optimised to drive conversions.

 Local real-world marketing is digital.  Consumers have the same expectations of real world retailers as ecommerce suppliers.

They expect relevance, they expect local solutions and they expect to feel valued.  The winning retailers will be those who respect their customers’ interest and make it easy to buy from them.

Code’s adZU system is helping Mercedes-Benz retailers to be effective digital marketers in a couple of clicks, creating friction-free purchase journeys, at scale, with no wastage, and massively reducing marketing investment per sale.

 Today car buyers only visit an average of 1.6 dealerships, down from 7+ a few years ago.  They do their research on-line typically using more than 18 digital sources.

This is huge change for automotive retailers – dealers need to be able to find LOCAL buyers using DIGITAL means and create an easy journey to move them from PC, tablet and mobile to THEIR dealership.

Code’s adZU platform has delivered this transformation for Mercedes-Benz retailers and made it easy for them to use.

 First, we integrated with Facebook’s API features to automatically create target profiles for Mercedes-Benz buyers.  We used CRM data to refine our targeting via Custom Audiences and geo-location ads to target only those relevant prospects who are within the retailer’s catchment area.

Next, we integrated adZU with Google Display Network.  This allows us to target local people actively researching an imminent new car purchase on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Now we can deliver a retailer’s own message to an audience of one – featuring the product they are interested in with a compelling reason to visit their local dealership.  Extraordinary targeting.  Zero wastage.

Then, we optimised the webpages to convert web traffic into dealership and traffic and create a platform for re-targeting.

We added real time monitoring and optimisation.

And last, we helped dealers to build out these multi-channel digital campaigns within a couple of clicks.

On average, it costs a Mercedes-Benz retailer £500 to run a press ad.  Typically this would be seen by c2-3,000 people and generate 3-4 sales contacts, about £125 per lead.

£500 spent on Facebook or Google Display Network delivers over 3 million views and c800-1,000 clicks, generating 50-100 sales contacts, about £5 per lead.