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Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

How adZU is helping car dealers in a dozen European markets to win the local customer

It has been a difficult few years for European car dealers. Economic slowdown reducing the demand for new cars has combined with the explosion of consumers using digital sources to research their car purchases. The net effect for car retailers has been fewer customers coming into dealerships and fewer opportunities to sell.

European auto manufacturers such as Opel, Nissan and Infiniti have responded to this key challenge by deploying Code’s adZU marketing platform right across the continent.

adZU is helping European auto retailers win the battle for local sales in the following ways:

Massive reduction in marketing costs; Huge increase in speed

• By automating all the processes involved in local marketing, adZU saves dealers over 90% of the costs of implementing a marketing campaign.

• And adZU allows them to create campaigns in seconds not weeks, meaning they can respond   faster than their competition



Finding the in-market buyer

• adZU has converted car dealers into digital marketers. It allows retailers to identify which buyers are actively looking for a new car and reach them through social, online advertising and email

• adZU makes dealer marketing digital, local and targeted to those highly value customers who are about to plan





Central control; local empowerment

• adZU helps auto manufacturers to demonstrate real leadership and support to their retailers

• All local marketing plans are now instantly visible in adZU, meaning the central teams can help local dealers to improve and optimise the effectiveness of marketing plans

• Dealers can not only access approved and proven local marketing materials in press, direct mail, outdoor, radio, digital etc, but can also personalise these with their own messages and offers – all within a few seconds

The results

• Every week adZU delivers thousands of effective local marketing campaigns for European     automotive dealers

• Using local digital techniques, we have been able to reduce cost per sales lead by up to 25X

• Typical cost saving for retailers has been up to 90%