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Game-changing technology… and a scoop from Peugeot

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

We were thrilled to give a Keynote Address alongside Simon, our fantastic Peugeot client, at MediaPro Expo 2011.

So firstly, huge thanks to Simon for taking part. We may have mentioned (once or twice) about our production automation platform, adZU. The presentation was about how Peugeot have used adZU to fundamentally change the way they create brand-compliant, localized, retail marketing – bringing costs down, whilst doing a load of cool new things in the process.

Simon also did us a massive favour by announcing the launch of the brand new Peugeot 208 during the presentation – a Code exclusive, crank-up the PR machine! If you weren't there (where were you?!), here are the slides

And here's the movie of the book.

Initial thoughts from a lead-gen point of view have been pretty good – plenty of people in the session, a decent number of people grabbing us afterwards, and a surprisingly high number of senior clients and agency folk hiding away at the back… until the organisers’ data capture unmasked them. We’ll finish “wrestling them to the ground”, as Matt put it, in the next few days. Needless to say, all feedback gratefully received.

And if you came along on the day, many thanks once again. Coming soon...  some broader event feedback about what we learned at MediaPro. Some good, some bad.