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Marketing beyond the menu in the letterbox

Gael Angoula

Gael Angoula

Marketing Manager

In the world of consumer driven marketing, even the world of pizza delivery is not immune to today’s digital marketing model. 

Price promotions, creative recipes and strong price value relationship once drove pizza marketing. But piles of menus clogging up letterboxes and a saturated market with too many players – both big chains and local standalone businesses – have led to a race to the bottom in the quality and effectiveness of pizza delivery marketing materials. Too often, the approach, which relies on poorly designed and intrusive flyers, also fails the basic test of ensuring brand awareness during the most critical point in the purchase decision – when someone actually wishes to place a pizza order.

In the particular case of our client, Dominos Pizza, it is difficult for stores to adhere to high quality standards, let alone deliver timely, longer-term, effective campaigns since their franchising system, places more than 700 individual owners at the helm of the brand name stores. The operational pressure to implement hundreds of thousands of campaigns each year is immense; not least because the franchisees need their ovens to be full, as much as their very livelihoods depend on it.

Domino’s challenged us to address this situation. Our solution was a new marketing platform, with data at its heart, that franchisees could use to create more relevant, personal and effective customer-centric marketing. ‘Domino’s Builder’ is an easy-to-use interface that allows people to customize their communications based on their preferred channels in a few clicks, drags and drops.


We began on the basis that franchisee marketing could, and should, be useful, appealing and effective. What if we could personalise an individual’s regular order based on knowledge of their likes, purchase frequency and order times? What deals would appeal to them? Can we deliver messages in new ways that customers would find most appealing to them – SMS or email?

The solution: ‘always on’ programmes for Domino’s franchisees. Using our sector leading adZU marketing automation platform, we identified core customer groups, and then developed ways of estimating when they might be thinking about ordering a pizza, when, to the minute, we should contact them – and when we should leave them alone.

Also embedded in the approach, were programmes to turn new customers into loyal ones, to increase frequency and purchase size, and creative and relevant ideas to bring lost customers back. For when times were quiet, we also included instant demand-generation campaigns, which could be executed and delivered within minutes.

Of the utmost importance: to make the programs easy for franchisees to implement and use as the basis for future and on-going campaigns. Using adZU, we developed the easy-to-use Domino’s Builder interface that allows people to develop whatever communications they needed for their preferred channels in a few clicks or drag and drops. The turnkey program comes with pre-loaded relevant images, headers and copy, helping franchisees create brand compliant messages that could be sent quickly and cost effectively.

Early results from the platform have been encouraging and we’re expecting Domino’s Builder to be rolled out across all franchisees in the UK throughout the coming months.

With simplicity inherently part of the program that we’ve developed, we’re sure all franchisees will benefit from the power of sophisticated data-driven, trigger-based, multi-platform marketing programmes, created in just a couple of clicks.

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