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Realizing the one-to-one CRM ambition – adZU unites data with the means of Production

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

CRM has long been a home to technology within marketing. But it has faced a couple of critical issues preventing it from achieving the reality of one-to-one marketing.

First, although the technology to study and segment your customers and prospects by their behaviours and location (physical or sociological) has been around for 40 years, what use is that to you if you can’t deliver a fully personalized message?

You may have great insight into the right mix of product, offer and timing which will best influence purchase, but if production costs prevent you delivering this fully tailored message, are you any better off? Second, CRM is inherently dull.

We all see the value in data-driven insight but it’s hard, takes effort and too often we (i.e. all of us involved in marketing) just want to think about the creative and the cool stuff.

adZU seems to have solved both of these issues: first, users can define target segments using nice, whizzy sliders that create instant counts, drawing directly on the customer database – now we can all be strategic planners. Second, users become creative directors, building their own DM and e-mails through a rich webpage, allowing them to produce and visualize highly targeted communications. And there is no additional cost for each customization.

Take a look at an implementation:

adZU is the marketing production automation platform of Code. It exists to make marketing more efficient and more effective.