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Mo' vember, mo' problems

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Well done to our guys in the US who took part in the charity event Movember to raise awareness and cash for prostrate cancer - a subject close to their, er, hearts. Following on from our sneaky, mid-month peak, as you can see, they've gone from looking like a nice, unthreatening boyband to a more sinister version of the Village People (and coercers of small children).

But never mind all that, they managed to grow an incredible array of 'tashes and amused us all in the process. And will any of them will actually keep their new hairy additions?

After all, for some it was an amazing feat as it took days for even a faint line to appear. Good effort guys. Look forward to more of the same next year ...let's take it global!