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The first rule of Code Book Club...

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

To “keep our eyes on the prize”, at 5am every morning (including weekends), Code’s Glorious Leader, Capo di tutti capi and all-round corporate behemoth, Sir Matt McNeany, releases us all from our manacles and together we watch this seminal motivation talk. This morning, buoyed with renewed vigour and near-religious zeal, we struck up the idea of a Code Book Club – with new-business being the inaugural focus. So we’re reading the following books:

The plan is for me, Ted and Matt to each read one, compare notes and then swap. So while this does completely ignore the entire point of an actual book club, it should be fun – or at least help us worker bees avoid “third prize” for a while longer. Why not join us in honing our snake-oily charms? All comments welcome, here or on Twitter (#CodeBookClub). But be warned, you may not get any steak knives. Or a Cadillac for that matter. And remember… ABC, people. ABC.