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Gael Angoula

Gael Angoula

Marketing Manager

Code Worldwide opens a new development centre in the Smart City of Malaga.

Code has extended its worldwide office footprint by opening up a new development centre in Malaga, Spain.

Code CEO Matt McNeany explained the background to the decision, “Code is growing and we needed to extend our development capacity in order to continue to deliver quality solutions at scale to our clients.  We also wanted to be able to access new talent profiles whilst keeping to our near-shore staffing model.  We reviewed offerings from many cities but in Malaga, we were impressed with the connections to local universities plus the ability to attract talent from right across Europe.”

Code’s Malaga office is being led by Head of Project Management, Pavel Bondarev, with a start-up team transferred from the Dnepr office.  Local recruitment is already underway with the first Spanish employee hired and due to start work in a few weeks.

McNeany further explained the talent strategy, “We want to be in places which have an emerging culture for technology innovation, that’s why we started in Dnepr and maintain our full commitment to that office and to Ukraine. 

Southern Spain is an emerging force in tech and our neighbours are Ericsson, Oracle, Google and IBM.   The local government in Malaga is very active in encouraging inward investment, a lesson that many other centres could follow. 

We are also interested in expanding the types of technology that we use and in Malaga, we have the opportunity to recruit locally and attract Europe’s best developers with a combination of innovative, large-scale projects using cutting-edge technology – and a pretty fantastic lifestyle (of which we are all sickeningly jealous in the other offices!)”

Code’s Marketing Manager, Gael Angoula, recently dropped in to the new office, “It was great to meet the local team under the sun of southern Spain. The team were up and running straightaway.  They are already working on extending our adZU platform to become an operating system for global agency networks.  It’s pretty impressive and a testament to Code people that we can get a new office operational and highly functional so quickly.”

Code Malaga is Code’s 5th full time location after London, Dnepr, New York and Sydney.  Code services clients in 80+ markets around the world and will continue to add new centres to service its growing international client base.


Code Worldwide New office un Malaga!

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We’re proud to have Code Worldwide Malaga as part of our team!

CODE WORLDWIDE MAKES ITS MARK IN MALAGA Code now has an office in Europe’s Silicon Valley, rubbing shoulders in the Smart City with companies such as Ericsson, Oracle, Google and IBM In 2016, the company is on a mission to continue its active development and the new location and talented resources in Málaga make it possible. “As Code Worldwide settles into their new office in Malaga, I went to meet the local team under the sun of southern Spain. I had the privilege to meet our new talented and motivated colleagues” said Gael Angoula, Marketing Manager at Code Worldwide. Matt McNeany, CEO at Code Worldwide went on: “We are very proud to open this new location in Spain. The new office responds to the constantly needs of our clients to have world class technology solutions. South Spain is nowadays the place to be in Europe to find the best engineers, developers and data scientists. We are very happy with this new office we wanted for a long time.” #Malaga #Spain #marketing #technology #codeworldwide #newoffice

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