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Adland embraces Creative Technology - part 2

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Following on from our summary of the IPA's recent Creative Pioneers Conference, the lovely folk at the IPA have been kind enough to publish the video from the event.

Obviously we're duty-bound to punt our wares and suggest you watch Code CEO Matt McNeany's brisk 10 minute call-to-arms around the opportunities to be found for Agencies in Technology. But it's also well worth a look at some of the other videos in the playlist of the day - not least Eric Edge from Facebook talking about their 'move fast' culture and Feh Tarty from Mother who gave us what we thought was the quote of the day (in the panel discussion). He described TV as:The trailer for the rest of the idea... it's a gateway to a lot more interesting stuff.

A great, challenging thought. Anyway, here's Matt..


And btw, we have no idea what the deal is with the music that's playing over Matt's first minute or so. Be reassured that it's not some personal theme tune that he makes us play whenever addresses a crowd or walks into a room (in fact, that's the theme from Z-Cars).