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Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

We post a fair bit about how Technology is changing the Agency business model and what Clients are asking us for in today’s Tech-enabled Marketing world, but how do we work in Partnership with Agencies to reconcile the two? Most importantly, we look for Agencies that share our vision that Technology is changing Marketing and Advertising for the better. Most people will

Most people will say that they believe it – who wouldn’t, right? – but not everyone is actively adapting their business to reflect, drive and benefit from that change. The fundamental question that we’re looking for a resounding ‘yes’ to is “do you agree that Technology can help you solve Client problems and make you more money?”

So once we find some kindred spirits, it’s important to agree the best ways of working together. This tends to work in one of three ways.

As the observant may note with the extremely subtle red arrow, there’s a right way and a wrong way of doing this.

1. Burning Platform 

Generally a tense phone-call from an Agency when a situation has got ‘heavy’, as we used to say in the 80s. It could be a pitch that suddenly requires some Tech magic or it could be an ultimatum from a Client, like ‘charge us less or we’re off’. This can work. Sometimes. But you’ll be on the backfoot. The Client is not happy and you’re pitching with a credibility deficit; proposing Technology that they don’t know you for.

And you’ll generally be in reactive mode, often with the added buffer of an intermediary, rather than leading the engagement. You’re taking the brief, rather than making the brief. On the other hand, if you are leading the engagement, managing the Client through the nuances of behaviour change and defining the outcomes that Technology creates, it’s much easier to get them excited about the potential of a significant new platform or application.

2. Partner

That crucial leadership position is established by getting on the front-foot with Technology. Agencies that sign our Partnership Agreements are agreeing to proactively solve Client problems with Technology, getting that surprise-and-delight moment when they take some pain away from a Client who replies “I did not know you guys did that”.

And it’s a really simple model. You provide the Client issues, we provide the Technology expertise that helps you qualify, manage and realise the opportunities. It’s the same in the new-business arena – Technology refines the briefs you can credibly compete for. Togther we draw up new prospect lists, shared PR/Marketing plans, and define approaches to the Clients you want.

3. Code Inside

Effectively the natural evolution of no. 2, the ‘Code Inside’ model is where long-term Partnerships typically end up. The relationship is elevated to a regional or global scale, spreading the best practice we’ve defined across your network and often agreeing a more formal structure.

* * * *

So there you have it. By all means do nothing for now and just give us a call once you have a pitch or review going on and you think Technology is integral to you winning. Or better still, avoid the review, improve your margins and win new revenues without a pitch by getting in touch to discuss a Partnership with Code.