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Code vs. in-house Agency Creative Tech teams?

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Some Agencies ask us why they need an external Creative Technology partner when their internal Creative Tech guys handle that kind of stuff. Which is fair enough, you might think. But the reality is that, once you get past the name, we actually do very different things. In fact, in amongst the dozens of Agencies we’ve worked with over the years, it’s been pretty rare that the work we do crosses over with what their internal Creative Tech people are doing. Is that a bit weird? No, not really. We’ve already talked at length about how we define Creative Technology in a much broader way than Agencies.

So rather than placing us in competition with internal CT teams, we’re actually offering different services.

Campaigns vs. Enterprise Architecture

Internal Creative Technology teams tend to work on campaigns and consumer engagement. Code tends to work on the Enterprise Architecture of Marketing; on long-term strategic platforms that enable efficiency and optimisation. Maybe it’s a clearer distinction to think of Code as Marketing Technologists?

For instance, we tend not to build iPhone apps (clearly meat and drink for agency Creative Tech people).

We’re more likely to build a platform for building 100s of customised mobile apps in double-quick time. In short, we help Agencies and Clients use technology as a entrepreneurial force for change – often in partnership with Agencies who tend not to have the skills to advise Clients on their enterprise-level Marketing Technology.

To be clear, this isn’t to say that working on campaigns isn’t strategic, or that focusing more on infrastructure means we don’t consider campaigns. It’s just a rule of thumb, based on our experience. Obviously neither is better or more important, they’re just different. But enough about our view of the world, what do you Agency Creative Technology people think you agree?