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Rory-Wan Kenobi - saving our industry?

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

 Congratulations to Rory Sutherland on the conclusion of his IPA Presidency and his championing of Behavioural Economics. Part sage, part uncle (our very own Stephen Fry?), Rory has managed not just to change the language of our industry, he may even have ensured its survival. By providing a robust platform for smart thinking, he’s operationalising our ‘magic’ in the client’s Boardroom, defending us against the very sensible ongoing examination of the communications supply chain.

Client procurers are understandably keen to pay agencies for game-changing thinking, rather than its implementation. And thanks to Rory, we’re now far more prepared for this awkward conversation. What’s very cool is that this will inevitably introduce some much-needed innovation into the agency business model. Advertising is one of the most change-averse sectors around – let’s face it, Don Draper (or Jon Hamm for that matter) would hardly blink if transported into an agency of today. So hats off again to Rory-Wan Kenobi, in our hour of need, for emphasizing what really matters.

And being paid for clever thinking also helps boot open the door for marketing technology companies (there was my plug, subtle!) to find smarter ways of implementing, tailoring and evaluating brilliant ideas. And that really would be a win/win for clients and agencies alike. (as you can see, this was originally a letter printed in Campaign - and if you want some more of Rory, check out the film below)