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The Business of Creative Technology

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

"It is no longer possible to talk about Creative without talking about Technology."

It isn't news that digital is not a channel or a discipline. It is the context for everything we do in marketing services.

Creative Technology is the business of managing the intersections where brands, people, technology and creative messages meet.

Creative Technology is about 3 things:

  • New ways of engaging with the people-formerly-known as the audience
  • New ways of working for businesses in the Creative industries
  • Technology as a creative, entrepreneurial force which is generating new business models

The goal of this blog is to be fiercely optimistic and relentlessly practical. Optimistic because the rise of technology undoubtedly creates some fear in many of us - "what am I missing out on? Am I redundant? How do I stay relevant?"; whereas technology is a hugely liberating process, creating possibility for being things and making things that we couldn't do before. Which is cool.

And practical because unless I can see it/touch it/get it, I don't believe it - and I suggest that you apply the same critique to the contents of this blog. I hear a lot of people saying what they 'are going to do' or 'have been thinking about', well I'm interested in hearing from you when you've done it. (That said I do reserve the right to get philosophical from time to time but promise to caveat at such).

“Like air & drinking water, being digital will be noticed by its absence, not it’s presence”
Nicholas Negroponte, 1998.