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Tough RFP Question #2 - "How are you making use of low cost off-shoring resource?"

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mikhail, Sergey, Oleg - just as much part of Code's team as James, Susan or John.
Code opened its Ukraine office 3 years ago. It is now our largest office.

This is tribute to the extraordinary levels of skill and commitment from the Ukrainian team and to the effort we put in building relationship and process.

We have extended the team, now to have dedicated teams for Omnicom and for Zimmerman.

And we are making this service available to Omnicom agencies.

As a rule of thumb, we can hire 3 people in Ukraine, for 1 person in US or UK. Levels of English are high, commitment to quality is outstanding - and they are nice people to drink vodka with.

Code Ukraine is a virtual office. Team members are contracted to a local entity but hired by and work exclusively for Code. The team members' loyalty is to Code and their career is intrinsically linked to our success.

Interested in tapping into this skill set and opportunity for margin enhancement? E-mail and we'll tell you how it's done.