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Why clients are hiring Creative Technology agencies

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

We’re seeing more and more client companies adapt to the increasing influence of IT and software in marketing by realigning their Marketing and IT functions to create a new Marketing Technology department.

But when a Marketing Technologist needs to brief an outside partner, who do they call?

The Agency?

Generally, marketing agencies aren’t ready to think at the enterprise level. They are communications people – and can use tech to facilitate that – but cannot advise a business on integration or emerging tech-driven business models.

The Tech Product Co.?

Yes, when they know exactly which tech solution they need. But then they are responsible for integrating the DAM with the ERP with the web optimisation platform. Possible, but hard work. Which tech vendors really think big enough?

The outsourced consultants?

Maybe, but do the guys who do your SAP or Dynamics really appreciate what it means to build and maintain a brand in the age of the Zero Moment of Truth? They can probably manage a CRM install, but can they build the eco-system needed for continuous, multi-channel creative optimisation? As this presentation describes, Marketing Technologists need Marketing Technology vendors (we like the term Creative Technology better, but same difference).

Defining the Creative Technology space

Serving the Marketing Technologists in client organisations needs vendors who sit at the intersection of brand, technology and customer. They need to:

  • Be deeply rooted in technical methodology
  • Have a grown-up relationship with the marketing discipline
  • Be able to build and integrate
  • Recognise that it is the application, not the technology that matters
  • Be fanatical about both user experience and ROI.

These are the criteria that we hear most at Code – do they match your own? It would great to hear from you.