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Andrew North

Andrew North

Client Services Director - AU

Brand in a Box

There is a contradiction at the heart of modern brand management. 


To succeed, brands need to have definition and meaning and consistency.  They need a clear brand position and rules, guidance and examples of how to use the brand.  But they also need to be alive and agile.  Modern brands are not static and printed.  They exist and are defined by what they do, not just how they look - and a modern, digital brand will create experiences and touchpoints managed by very many stakeholders (many of whom do not work for the brand owner).

Code has worked with many brand owners – including Unilever, Macmillan, PWC, McDonald’s and London 2012 – to develop Brand Management Platforms to resolve this challenge and deliver the following benefits:

  • Inspire - with the story and the possibility of the brand
  • Educate – on brand values and how to use the brand
  • Equip – provide assets, tools and templates to use the brand
  • Support – provide guidance on challenging issues
  • Protect – against unauthorized usage of a brand and control approvals
  • Build – Community around a brand
  • Value – increase brand value through better usage and reduce cost of duplication and misuse


We did by creating “Brand in the Box”!

“Brand in the Box” is a custom online brand management system allowing to deliver the thinking and strategy behind the brand.


The implementation of Brand in a Box system to support each brand’s needs but they often have common features:

Brand Story
  • The thinking and strategy behind the brand
  • What does it mean, what does it stand for, why this strategy
  • Objective is to build understanding of and engagement with new brand
  • Messages delivered by highly designed story-telling webpages with opportunity for rich media and/or on-line video



  • How we look; how we talk
  • Descriptions and examples of the rules for working with the brand
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of working with the brand based on ‘Frequently Encountered Issues’
  • Make it quick to understand
  • Color swatches, fonts, logo rules etc
  • Linked downloads to brand content (eg PowerPoint templates, fonts, PDF guidelines
  • Content-managed webpages controlled by the client
  • Simple to find
  • Logical taxonomy
  • Simple search – across all metadata
  • Previews
  • Downloads & share features
  • Control access based on user roles
  • Automated Rights Management and Expiration
  • Record & audit asset access and usage
  • Structured/guided methods to find exactly the right asset/content


  • Enable peer-to-peer communications as well as top-down
  • Allow User generated content for case studies
  • Create galleries of what great brand usage look likes
  • Allow users to vote for favourite implementations
  • Allow new stakeholders (eg agencies) to register to access brand assets and content


  • Provide helpdesk style support for brand users who need assistance
  • Enable/enforce approval workflow by asset or user type

Online Marketing Material Customization for Telstra


Brand sites are often the ‘front door’ to adZU.  They explain how to use the brand and provide context

adZU allows stakeholders to execute brand campaigns fast and accurately – providing central brand management with confidence that the brand is being used effectively

See adZU overview presentation for full list of adZU’s implementation features.

Create Real Value

 For every Brand in a Box system we implement, we see a measurable return in value for the client.

Some results are tangible and clear – costs are reduced by eliminating wastage and duplication, time is saved looking for assets, poorly executed brand communications are eliminated.

But more than this, we build communities of stakeholders who are better connected to the brand, who understand the story and the promise of the brand and how to use it and who are equipped with the information and the tools they need to grow the business of the brand.