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Building a Brand on YouTube

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Did you know that YouTube is the internet's second largest search engine, bigger than Yahoo?

In that context, YouTube presents a great platform for building your brand. Not only will you reach a lot of customers searching for your brand and products (or those of your competitors) but you can also deliver really rich content.

Think about it. 25% of Google's searches are on YouTube, but instead of a flat list of text results, you can deliver a video.

This places a couple of challenges for brands. First is to create content which is either a) entertaining or b) useful. If your content is neither, then think about whether you would bother to look at it.

Second, the problem is that YouTube looks like, er, YouTube, not your brand.

Carphone Warehouse have solved this by building the most innovative and highly branded 'Eye Openers' channel on YouTube. This channel, developed by Code, is fully branded for Carphone Warehouse and has a really rich interface, far superior to regular YouTube. It features store staff, providing advice and guidance on phones and builds a community around the CPW service offering.

Compare that to big YouTube brands like Nokia's channel, or Sony's or Tesco.

Simple, low cost, high return means of using social media to create brand value.