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DSPs driving greater ROI from online industry by adapting to 'always-on' world

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Nick Ellsom’s article “All about ...Demand-side platforms” in Campaign magazine (29th September 2011) was spot on. DSPs are a tangible example of how our industry is adapting to this ‘always-on’ world we keep reading about; driving greater ROI from online display.

But DSPs are only half the story (which to be fair, PHD do acknowledge in their book, ‘2016: Beyond the Horizon’) – if you can optimise the media, who’s optimising the creative?

We now have an incredibly rich picture of online behaviour, demographics etc, so the only hurdle between us and this fully optimisable model is the speed of creative deployment.

Or to put it another way, it’s no use having real-time audience data and the DSP’s ability to optimise media placement, if it still takes ages to plod through a clunky online banner production process that hasn’t changed in 15 years. Not to mention the fact that many clients’ online display budgets can only stretch to a handful of banner executions anyway.

Fortunately, the creative complement to a DSP is already here. For the same creative budget as those few original banners, an automated adaptation and trafficking platform can flex the banner content (product, image, headline, offer, animation etc, all without compromising the creative concept) to produce hundreds of permutations – maximising returns by optimising the message as well as who, where and when.

So with smart media agencies already ahead of the game in display, creative agencies will now be experiencing a touch of déjà vu – just as decouplers came along and hoovered-up their offline production revenues, will they sit back and watch online creative be snaffled by media agencies?

Well, who knows – but unless creative agencies embrace the evolution of the online display world, they can kiss goodbye to another chunk of their clients’ budgets as the innovators take the lead. They need to act now so they don’t get left behind again and watch history repeat itself.

(Originally published as a letter in response to the article in Campaign magazine)