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Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Turn your Strategy into a Product

You deliver great strategic leadership to your clients, right?  But once you have finished presenting the PowerPoint, is your strategy visible and tangible to your clients?  Do they see your strategic product in action every day and recognise its value? We developed an operating system for one of our media agency partners.

It made their strategic offering part of every client's experience of working with that agency every day.  It made the value add real, every day. They just pitched and won a $3bn account - with their strategic operating system as the core of their offering. Be Half the Cost Your creative is great - but ultimately it's a subjective decision by the client whether they buy it or not.

Use technology (like Code's adZU) and you can show the client how you can deliver at half the cost of the competition. That's objective, hard fact (and you'll still make more profit). Make Data Actionable Big data can give us a lot of insight.  

But it can be overwhelming and intimidating - and how do you use it when there are 50 other things to do each day? Link data to touchpoint management.  Make your ads dynamic and able to respond in real time to user action.

 Push this into your off-line comms at the same time (adZU does all of this). You can then show the client how you can do more of what works in real time. Be faster.  Be Global.  Be Local. Our tech helps agencies build global communities around brands.  

We automate the production of communications which are hyper-local, relevant to the people in their street.  And we do it in seconds.  Can you say this to your prospective clients?

Take the pain away from your client We want our clients to focus on customers, creative and strategy - they want to focus on it too.  But the day job too often means managing the process: working with the networks (agencies, retailers, local offices etc), managing the budget, preparing the report, getting the sign-off.

Give them tech to streamline this and take the grind out of their jobs - they'll like you for it and be more likely to buy your great new idea. Be Indispensable The dreaded re-pitch.  Always tough to retain a client when the opposition are so clean and shiny. What if you have a track record of delivering fast, effectively and at low cost through smart use of technology?  

It's a real pain for the client to move away from that.  It might even prevent them pitching in the first place.