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Gael Angoula

Gael Angoula

Marketing Manager

Populous is a global architects firm responsible for Wembley, London Olympic Stadium, Jacksonville Jaguars, ANZ Stadium in Sydney among many others amazing buildings worldwide.

They heard about our experience in building a vision of business powered by technology.

They wanted to solve the challenge of how to build collaboration, community and capability through technology.

The main objective was to create common purpose, culture and operating practice in a global architects’ firm

The key insight was that they work like we do.  They post ideas walls, discuss and collaborate around it to create innovation.


So what if the physical and digital spaces could be the same?

What if walls could be more than things to stick post-it notes to? 

What if you should share walls across offices and continents? 

What if walls reacted to the people and devices in front of them? 

And what if the experience was so natural that you forgot about the screen?


The opportunity was to build a digitally powered, real world experience that enhances what people do naturally every day.


We are about to deliver smart buildings with digital walls. The result is to break down barriers between devices, cloud, offices & clients to create one collaboration community.

Watch this video to understand the idea we are developing for Populous: