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Techies in the Creative Department? Why art needs science.

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

If you were asked to identify a technologist in a police line up, you would opt for the one with the thick glasses, pale skin and they would most likely be male.  Now that Apple has made writing apps desirable, the new breed of technologists coming out of university are now more ambitious and more confident to embrace creativity.  They no longer look like geeks and instead can be found at the heart of digital creative campaigns in the most progressive marketing and technology agencies.

A logical next step to this trend will be for technologists to be partnered into creative teams.  The traditional creative team being to partner a copyrighter with an art director.  Adding in the technologist enables them to produce brilliant concepts that can actually be executed across different digital channels.   In the less creative and more technology focused agencies, a technologist and designer team will provide the same level of inspiration.  The technologist working with the designer to produce visually appealing, more intuitive software.  Together with input from a user experience expert and even the most mundane software products can be transformed into products that are a joy to use and look at.

If we produce software that is intuitive, carefully crafted and understanding of the users experience, we can leap frog many of our competitors and charge a premium.  The attention to detail and look and feel is often forgotten in the rush to build software despite it being one of the prime factors to boost client satisfaction in the product or software solution.  Once clients receive a product like this, they are more likely to spend on adapting for other marketing channels or products and encourage introduction in other subsidiaries  - all additional revenue opportunities for the agency.  And it is usually less of a fight to charge a premium price for the next product to be delivered.

It feels like it’s time to bring the technologists out of the basement and integrate them into the heart of the creative process

(thanks to Steven Waugh, CFO of Code and Agency Republic for this post)