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The art of spending an Australian dollar efficiently

Andrew North

Andrew North

Client Services Director - AU

In a world where technology is changing the way brands communicate with their target audiences, media planning agencies position are at risk. The advertising marketplace has got increasingly cluttered and media more fragmented.

Consumers can nowadays interact directly with a brand and millennials know how to manage new marketing platforms like Facebook or Twitter much better than their parents knew how to use a minitel!

Media agencies need to redefine their positions and offer a service aligned with the new marketing landscape. OMD Australia and New Zealand approached Code to help them optimise their core offer in this new marketing world where technology plays an increasing role.

We helped OMD delivering an application allowing them to optimise efficiently a client budget across multiple marketing channels: OMD Channel Planning.


The application caries out a series of calculations in order to allocate the best split across media channels, based on a series of criteria defined by OMD. The application is the key tool for producing Channel Allocation Plans.

The application works seamlessly alongside with Vision, OMD strategic planning operating system, also developed by Code.

The impact of OMD Channel Planning is major! It reduces the number of iterations of channel plans, so the process is more efficient. Also, OMD Channel Planning provides clients with outputs they can rely on, containing world class thinking.