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Tough RFP Question #1 - "What technologies do you employ for effective stewardship of our brand and budget?"

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

  DDB Europe, Harrison and Star, Weapon 7, Hub Plus, TBWA London, Agency Republic, Targetbase, Wolff Olins, Hall and Partners.

Code has helped all of these agencies deliver solutions to their clients which reduce the costs of implementing marketing campaigns. Solutions which empower marketing teams to create campaigns across all media quicker, which reduce the time to market and which ensure every implementation is brand and legally compliant. Unilever, McDonald's, London 2012, Macmillan, the National Trust all trust their brand management to Code. General Motors, Nissan, Peugeot, Boots, Scherring-Plough have reduced their implementation costs with Code's systems.

Omnicom Corporate, CDM, Harrison and Star, Hall & Partners have worked with Code to streamline workflows and drive efficiencies. Code is a business at the intersection of brand, technology and agencies. We understand the challenges you are facing and we have technology proven to work for agencies and their clients.

If you want a competitive edge, we can provide you with insight, case studies and resource. E-mail me at the address below to get started. Code is Omnicom's technology business. We help agencies. Win more clients. Make more money