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Notes from the guy who didn't drink at the Code US Christmas Party

Matt McNeany

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer



1)      My call that Donal was the winner may have been a bit premature. While Donal was the clear winner for length of time consuming meat, Andy was likely the winner for pounds consumed.

2)      We all agreed to do some type of endurance race next year. While doing a leg of the Tour de France would be great, logistically it may be challenging.  So, how about something like this in the Catskills or even better a Cyclecross event .

3)      Andy is from proper Yorkshire, Matt is not – I think

4)      Thomas like Caipirinha’s – a lot

5)      Only Donal knows where Lesotho is

6)      Andy needs to study US Geography

7)      Everyone knows where Egypt is

8)      I weighed 4.9 pounds heavier last night

9)      Andy likes expensive wine

10)   Fracking may or may not contain chemicals, but’s it’s quite efficient (this tree hugging article I read a while ago is quite scary though)

11)   Rugby League is better or Rugby Union is better, sorry can’t remember

12)   Donal is not afraid of FIRE!


Courtesy of Ted Ismert @tismert