The Tools to Survive the Data Apocalypse

The data apocalypse is looming: a data sharing “recession” is approaching.

How can brands survive?

It can be done, but it’s not just a matter of changing a few words in your privacy policy, offering to delete customers’ data and asking for consent more explicitly. These measures are the barest minimum required by the new legislation (which, regardless of Brexit, is coming our way). Survival brands must do more than meet their customers’ expectations. They must inspire loyalty.

Our three step customer-centric approach to the data value exchange will genuinely help brands understand, adapt and thrive in 2017 and beyond.

Understand the new rules of engagement: Why, and what exactly, do you need to understand – and what should you do with your newfound knowledge?

Adapt to meet new consumer expectations of value: which three priority levers are available to brands to drive consumer value perceptions?

Thrive in a future that puts control in the hands of the customer: What is Privacy by Design, how do you apply it and what does it mean for consumers?

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