Using IOT technology to build new services and relevance for Castrol

The ask

Make the Castrol brand relevant to vehicle owners by creating a service design solution that uses real-time telemetry data to predict the appropriate timing for regular service appointments as well as identifying adhoc maintenance issues.

The solution

Combining adZU, Code’s marketing automation platform, with Internet of Things technologies we developed a connected car solution positioning Castrol as a partner at the heart of all aspects of the driving experience.

The results

Streaming real-time driving data to the cloud and accessed via a mobile app, the service tracks a customer’s driving, recommends cost saving tips, provides locally relevant offers – and when the engine light comes on or it’s time for regular maintenance, it helps drivers to find and book a service.

What the client says

“We partnered with Code to deliver the Castrol Connected Car pilot in 2016. After meeting all of our objectives and testing positively with users and workshop owners we are committed to rolling out the project globally in an evolved format as Castrol Smart Maintenance in 2017.”

Dave Berlin, Director, Digital Business Development, Castrol