Delivering automated, multi-channel marketing to an audience of one

The ask

Pizza marketing hadn’t evolved past paper menus clogging letterboxes. So Domino’s set us a challenge: what if communications could be personalised, to what a customer likes to order, when they like to order it, with deals relevant to them, all delivered via their chosen channel?

The solution

By analysing Domino’s transaction database we produced profiles for every single customer, enabling us to create always-on, individual marketing programmes to drive loyalty, increase purchase frequency and transaction size, and bring back lapsed customers.

Enabled by adZU, Code’s digital marketing automation platform, UK and ROI Domino’s franchisees can now identify which of their individual customers are thinking about ordering a pizza and when – to the minute – to contact them.

The results

Now operational in >1,000 stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland, adZU enables Domino’s data-driven, trigger-based marketing programme at national scale. Each month 2.5 million individual campaigns based on predictive analytics are created and distributed.

What the client says

“Domino’s collaboration with Code as our technology partner has enabled us to begin moving beyond the paper menu. By using adZU, Code’s digital marketing automation platform, UK and ROI franchisees are individually able to anticipate customer needs and digitally deliver more relevant, more personal, more effective local marketing.”

Nicola Keane CRM Manager, Dominos Pizza Group