Transforming the culture of a global media network into a data-driven market leader

The ask

The global media agency PHD asked Code to find a way to encourage participation and collaboration across its global network of 8,000 employees in more than 80 markets.

The solution

Source, a proprietary global operating system with baked-in gamification techniques – effectively, we turned PHD into a massive global, online multiplayer game, fostering high levels of collaboration across the business, helping everyone to work together in real-time to the benefit of clients.

The results

PHD staff are now globally unified and more able solve clients’ problems faster. New business wins have soared with appointments including global accounts for Volkswagen Group, Delta Airlines and MailChimp.

What the client says

“Source has had a profound effect on our business and culture. By incorporating smart changes to our structure and way of working, we have become better at finding single-minded solutions, overcoming specialist silos.”

Mark Holden Global Planning and Strategy Director, PHD Worldwide