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adZU is in use with over 10,000 businesses in 113 countries, enabling transformation in customer experience and streamlining the process of marketing implementation.

How clients use adZU to transform their business


Data-driven multi-channel marketing. 2.5 million individual campaigns created and distributed per month based on predictive analytics.

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Connected Car platform, streaming telemetry data to mobiles and building direct connections with workshops.

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Luxury Global Fashion Brand

Automated advertising & content production. Powered by technology. Delivery hubs in UK, US and China. Campaign lead-time reduced from 6 weeks to 4 days.

Jaguar Land Rover

Global retail marketing platform. Multi-channel dynamic creative production, marketing planning and reporting in 113 markets.

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Mercedes Benz

Hyper-local, data-driven digital & social in UK & Australia. Pan European collaboration / asset sharing platform.


Building a ‘Truly Local’ presence for Australia’s leading telecommunications provider. Local marketing platform, supporting 13 media types.

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adZU Studios

adZU is organised into a series of studios, each of which contains a number of different apps to help you automate, implement and deliver your marketing.

Select one of our studios below to learn more.


Marketing Content Studio

Releasing the value of your ideas and information


Asset Manager

Asset Manager allows brands to store, share, control and maximise their investment in marketing assets. Assets are stored in the cloud and made available for end users to download or convert into marketing materials.


Content Manager

Content manager is the cornerstone of omnichannel publishing. This allows brands to turn raw assets into content, ready for publishing in digital, social and traditional media. Content Manager is enormously flexible, yet simple to use, allowing non-technical teams to dynamically manage and optimise content in all channels in all markets.


Products & Offers

Product Manager allows brands to create an online product database and catalogue. This can be used for sharing product information with other stakeholders or for publishing product content into ads or webpages.

Offer Manager allows brands to control the pricing and promotional offers it uses within all marketing whilst ensuring every ad is legally correct. adZU will automatically ensure the correct legal disclaimer copy is included.


Content Request Manager

Content Request Manager tracks the usage of all content, linking to budgets, audience, media, product and performance, to optimise marketing effectiveness across multiple dimensions.


Approval Manager

Approval Manager streamlines the workflow of gathering feedback and approval for assets, content, documents, video, html and final ads. Approval manager features a rich on-line markup interface, allowing comments to be captured and versions to be checked.


Search Centre

Search Centre allows users to search for information and resources across their business. Search Centre retrieves results from Assets and Content, from web pages, from documents (including in document searching), from user and business profiles - and from external industry data sources, such as Forrester, Mintel, WARC, Euromonitor etc.


Strategy & Performance Studio

Identifying opportunity & optimising your marketing performance


Strategy Studio

Strategy Studio allows brand teams to create pre-packaged marketing plans for users in the system, cutting down the time spent "re-inventing the wheel" and providing users or business units without their own strategic resources improved marketing thinking. Brand strategists create programmes that can guide users to using the optimal media channels, media flighting, budget and budget allocation, and creative. The performance of each strategy is constantly measured and fed back to users, enabling optimisation and continuous improvement in channel planning and creative/content development.


Marketing Planner

Marketing Planner allows users to create, view, manage and share marketing and media schedules across all markets in one place and in multiple views. Marketing Planner supports all major media channels, displays budgets from transaction level, media channel, up to full campaign and overall marketing plan levels and can be filtered to show only the information you're looking for.

Marketing Planner allows users at all levels to see the marketing plan details that are most meaningful to them. This allows head office to cascade the global plan and see a roll-up of local activity, whilst each individual business unit can control their version of their plan.


Budget Manager

Budget Manager allows you to control your brand budgets or co-op budgets. Budget Manager allows you to allocate your budget the way you want, including by product, by campaign, and by media type. Budget Manager allows you to set budgets or budget targets by business unit and track where and how these budgets are being used. Budget Manager also enables the management of co-op funding. Business units (e.g. franchisees) can be allocated co-op funds and use these to part-fund advertising. Budget Manager manages the process of co-op claims, tracking approvals and generating invoicing files for cost recovery.


Data Visualisation

adZU's reporting, visualisation and optimisation solution is built on big data technology. It allows the creation of hundreds of different reports and the publishing of these reports to dashboards, web pages, e-mails and mobile apps.

Data Visualisation is designed to help brands and their local teams to explore their data and look for opportunity - to improve performance, to build better customer relations and to save money.

With a flexible architecture reports can be built on any data but as a starting point for many clients, we focus on the following areas:

Advertising performance - measuring effectiveness by channel, by content, by audience

Content usage and performance - which assets, content and templates are being used most and least, and which are performing best

Stakeholder engagement - which business units and users are most active in supporting the brand's strategy and which need more encouragement

Budget and financial reporting - where is the brand's investment going - by product, business unit, media channel, content etc. What are budget, planned and actual spend levels by product, business unit & channel. Where is budget being under-spent or over-spent?


Territory Analyser

This application allows users to analyse their sales territories and plan marketing more strategically using external data sources. A user can visualise various types of data on a map including brand sales data, competitive sales, market share, marketing schedules, media touch points including audience reach figures and out of home locations. Territory Analyser helps to identify opportunities to improve marketing mix, optimise media placements, gain insight into competitive activity, and understand overall health in the market area. There are core data connections within Business Maps, but the most powerful use of the application can be seen when clients connect third party subscription resources or connect their own internal data.


Experience & Advertising Manager

Dynamic content production and delivery to build engagement with customers in all channels


Digital Publishing

adZU's Digital Publishing Manager allows brands to create personalised web and mobile experiences. Business users can create and publish web and mobile pages in a few seconds. Pages can be created from existing templates and populated with assets and content from the adZU Marketing Content Studio. Digital Publishing Manager supports the creation of dynamic experiences for end users with the content the user sees being programmatically optimised to fit the user's profile.


Multi-channel Ad Manager

Multi-Channel Ad Manager enables the production of dynamic advertising in all media channels. End users can build and deploy fully customised ads in a few seconds, without needing any specific technical or creative skills.


Client Specific Ad Builders

adZU supports the production of customised marketing materials in the following channels, respecting the requirements to deliver excellence in each channel.

  • Digital display ad builder
  • Social ad builder
  • E-mail builder
  • SMS builder
  • Press ad builder
  • Radio ad builder
  • Out of home builder
  • Direct mail builder

IoT Manager

IoT Manager allows clients to create and deliver personalised experiences in connected devices by interpreting the data collected from the devices, establishing triggers and using these triggers to generate personalised content and experiences, delivered back to the device or via web/mobile/CRM/social integration.


Content Publishing Matrix

adZU's Content Publishing Matrix is a series of integrations and workflow solutions, designed to deliver the brand's messages to its audience quicker than the competition.

  • Google display network integration
  • Facebook integration
  • Adstream/Qmuli integration
  • E-mail/SMS broadcast services
  • Printer delivery service
  • Media delivery service

Global Media Database

The Global Media Database is adZU's database of media owners and media end points (e.g. website, magazines, TV channels, etc). This includes: creative specification details, delivery dates, and rate card costs. Clients can edit fields, such as media owner contact details, that will only be available to their users. The Global Media Database reduces time spent collecting creative specifications from hundreds of media owners.

  • Digital display ad builder
  • Social ad builder
  • E-mail builder
  • SMS builder
  • Press ad builder
  • Radio ad builder
  • Out of home builder
  • Direct mail builder

Audience Builder

Building engagement through real customer understanding


Audience Manager

Audience Manager is a powerful application that allows users to select from pre-defined audiences or create custom audiences using demographic, geographic and behavioural data connecting into your own CRM database, through your own third-party provider or hosted by Code.


CRM Connector

Audience Manager works with the CRM database to refresh audience availabilities based on where customers are in the purchase funnel.


Facebook Audience Manager

Audience Manager can be configured to convert custom audiences into a Facebook audience equivalent ensuring consistency across all marketing channels.


Google Audience Manager

Audience Manager can be configured to convert custom audiences into a Google audience equivalent ensuring consistency across all marketing channels.


Marketing Operations Manager

Empowering collaboration; delivering efficiency


Events, Training & Community

Events, Training and Community enables adZU users to create an event, invite users to participate via customised forms, publish event content and report on attendance etc.

Events, Training and Community can be extended into a management solution by recording attendance on training courses against user profiles to promote continuous learning within the organisation.


Business Units & Users

Business Units & Users allows administrative users to set-up their own organisational hierarchy, creating business units with metadata, assigning users and user roles for each business unit. Users can then manage their business unit profiles, editing metadata, users and user roles for business units they have permissions to edit. The business unit manager also works in conjunction with our ad builders to pre-populate fields to help reduce the time required for ad customisations. User manager allows the creation and management of users. Users can be given roles within the system and the combination of the user's role and his/her position within the organisation structure determines their rights within the system. User manager supports all standard security and password management features - and it is common for us to integrate adZU with a client's user management system via Single Sign On.


Transaction Manager

Transactions are the output of adZU's dynamic creative functionality. A transaction is produced where a piece of customised marketing material is published to a customer touchpoint. Transaction Manager controls workflow, distribution, approvals, reporting and finances and is at the core of adZU. Transaction Manager allows admin users to control the delivery of marketing communications through adZU.



This set of features allows clients to run adZU as a single global solution whilst giving each user an experience relevant to his/her local situation.

Internationalisation functionality allows each user to have a country and culture, controlling language, currency, date settings as well as content.

adZU's translation management functionality enables site content and marketing assets to be localised and shown to the relevant user.


Forms Manager

Forms Manager is a function related to Digital Publishing Manager that allows a user to create a web page containing a customised form for data capture. Users have a high level of flexibility on the types of data that can be captured and all data is available for extract.


User Help Services

User Help Services are searchable resources on how to use various areas of adZU. Users have access to the standard content for each application that they subscribe to.

Advanced User Help Services can also be used to add live chat feature to the platform to enable quicker response for end users to the organisation's administration team.


Integrations & Services

Creating Connected Eco-systems


Microservices Architecture

adZU’s micro services architecture and open API facilitate integration with other key technology platforms including: Adobe Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Alexa, Proof HQ and Gigya.


Content & Data Partners

adZU features pre-built connectors to data sources to help clients develop a full understanding of their customers and their market. Data sources include social, cultural and geo-demographic partners to enrich understanding of first party customer data – plus the ability to build digital identities from the integration of 1st and 3rd party data sets and enrich the understanding of this data through partnerships with click stream, semantic, social and walled garden data providers.


Functional Partners

adZU is designed for integration – and the functionality of the platform is extended via partnerships with content distributors & publishers as well as service providers such as Workfront and Zendesk.


Assets API

adZU’s assets API features enables integration with other client and agency applications including marketing cloud solutions such as Adobe Experience Manager. The Assets API allows images, text and video to be ingested for material customisation and for assets to be shared directly from adZU to approved systems.


Transaction API

The Transactions API extends the workflow capability of adZU, enabling adZU to be driven 'headlessly' by a partner application. Typical use cases are for adZU to be integrated with a Media planning tool or audience management solution to automate the end-to-end workflow of campaign implementation.

How does adZU help my brand?

How can adZU help me use what I know about my customers when marketing?

The Audience Builder studio in adZU allows you to plug in your existing CRM data directly into your marketing ecosystem. That way your demographic, geographic and behavioural data can have a direct impact on your communications and activity.

Can adZU help me manage how customers experience my brand?

Absolutely. adZU’s Strategy & Performance studio has a number of tools that means you can plan multiple campaigns in multiple channels in one place, allow relevant input and control at local levels, and powerfully report and analyse their performance too.

How does adZU help me get the right message to my customers at the right time on the platforms they are on?

By centralising control of brand assets and automating creation of key marketing communications and brand experiences, adZU can deliver integrated marketing campaigns, websites, social media activity – even retailer support materials, radio and press ads. Simply put, adZU means your brand can touch your customers more efficiently than ever before.

Can adZU connect my data, my technology, my organisation and my stakeholders seamlessly?

Yes. One of adZU’s studios, Marketing Operations, is expressly designed to bring together different parts of an organisation, so all business units can begin to get the most from the platform.

Will adZU integrate with existing ecosystems?

Yes. We want you to use adZU to transform your business, not replace the software you have. Which is why through its micro services architecture and open API, adZU integrates with other key technology platforms including: Adobe Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Alexa, Proof HQ and Gigya.

How does adZU help me get the most out of my investments in technology?

adZU has been specifically built to integrate with many of the leading marketing technology, digital media and distribution platforms. Through adZU you’ll be able to take the activity from one platform, and then use and re-use it on many others.

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